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Weekly Events

Tuesdays: Open Mic (8PM)

Wednesdays: Craft Circle (6:30PM)

Saturday’s: Everyday Life Tai Chi with Brandon Quinn (1PM)

Upcoming Live Music and Other Events

October 4th: Craft Circle @ 6:30PM

October 6th: Lex Live @ 8PM

October 7th: Tai Chi Class @ 1PM

October 7th: An Evening with Parker Zelter @ 9PM

October 11th: Craft Circle @ 6:30PM

October 13th: Greg Candle live @ 9PM

October 14th: Log’s Electric Space Whistle live @ 8PM

October 18th: Craft Circle @ 6:30PM

October 20th: Jim Swayzee @ 9PM

October 21st: Brandon Quinn @ 9PM

October 25th: Craft Circle @ 6:30PM

October 26th: Psychedelic Community Meet and Greet @ 6PM

October 27th: Jody Carroll live @ 9PM

October 28th: Lavender Fields @ 9PM

November 1st: Craft Circle @ 6:30PM

November 10th: Chris Wilhelm @ 9PM

November 11th: Log’s Electric Space Whistle @ 8PM

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Elysium Lounge

Live Music & Events

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