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Logo Design Contest Parameters

WHEN: Submissions must be emailed before April 1st. Winner will be announced: April 3rd

DESCRIPTION: Your design should convey your experience at Vintage Kava and what one might expect coming here. There is an open color scheme but we ask that you limit the number of colors to no more than 3 including black and white (this does not include negative space). We are looking for a logo that is strong in both color and black and white. Hand-drawn logos will be accepted, but all logos must have the ability to be converted to an electronic file. Logos should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. There will be one winner chosen for each of the following categories:

    CATEGORIES: 1. a fully spelled “Vintage Kava” design, 2. an abbreviated “VK” design, 3. an open design related to Vintage Kava (i.e. Rootie Character)

    SUBMISSION: You may submit more than one design. Email your submission to (make sure to include your name and contact information). Please make sure your file is at least 300 dpi and you send both a JPEG and PNG of your design. All chosen submissions will become property of Vintage Kava and we reserve the right to alter, change, or merge logo submissions.

    JUDGING: Entries will be judged on their visual appeal, adherence to the concept prompting the contest, quality of design, and ease of reproduction for the purposes stated above. The judges will be all Vintage Kava staff members.

    PRIZE: Each winner will receive $100 and free merch with their design when we get them in.

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